I resisted it for all of two weeks – as a guilty-pleasure Gossip Girl fan (and a total Blair), I knew I’d get sucked in immediately – but when we had our snow day this past weekend, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pop a bottle of Prosecco and finally turn on Bridgerton.

Needless to say, I was hooked immediately – and not just because of the steamy Regency-era romance and the violin covers of Billie Eilish songs. I was totally drawn to the stunning floral arrangements, champagne towers, and warm candlelit ballrooms that made up the gorgeous party scenes of Daphne + the Duke of Hastings’s social world. It’s no wonder that Bridgerton has already become a huge trend in weddings!

Want to get a few ideas for incorporating this beautiful show into your big day? Check out some of our inspiration images below!

Color Palette

Unless you want to channel your inner Lady Featherington and go for bold canary yellows and lime greens, take a page from the Queen’s book and go for a more subdued palette. Simple pastels like blush pinks, sage greens, and that classic Bridgerton Blue pair beautifully with warm creams, ivories, and golds for a stunning and versatile look – and you’ll have plenty of options for flowers that fit into your color palette, too!


It goes without saying that empire-waist dresses and simple, lovely accessories are the order of the day. Try a gown with layers of delicate lace and a straighter, high-waisted fit (flattering AND easy to dance in – bonus!) for a look that Daphne would swoon over.


If you’re wanting an invitation suite worthy of being hand-delivered to the Duke of Hastings himself, opt for lightly deckled edges, beautiful ribbon accents, and, of course, custom calligraphy. The vintage look is timeless, luxe, and perfect for setting the tone of the wedding. And don’t forget about your day-of paperie, too, including place cards to keep your cute single friends seated far away from your, ahem, Lord Berbrookes. Wax seals are encouraged – dance cards, on the other hand, are optional.


From the arrangements stunning bouquets delivered by suitors to the lavender creeping up the walls at Daphne’s family estate, flowers play a leading role in Bridgerton – and they should at your Bridgerton-inspired wedding, too! An al fresco fete would be ideal, but if you’re saying “I do” indoors, bring the outside in with statement arrangements and installations that make your guests feel like they’re dining and dancing in a garden.


Just like at the balls and parties featured in the show, every decorative detail plays an important part in the overall design and feel of the event. From flatlays to cake design to mood lighting, you need to focus on creating a cohesive whole that really channels your inspiration into every aspect of the day. Look for delicate vintage pieces, warm tones, and luxe touches to complete the look. No detail is too small to be addressed – and don’t forget the champagne tower!

Feeling inspired to start solidifying your wedding vision? Drop us a note through our contact form! We’d love to help you create a wedding experience that even Lady Whistledown would approve of.

It’s no surprise that weddings are looking different these days. All the rules, regulations, and safety precautions of the Covid era have changed the wedding industry in a lot of ways. There’s no denying that it’s been an incredibly tough year for couples and industry professionals alike, but not all of the changes have been bad; in fact, we foresee many of them becoming the norm! Here are some of the trends that we’re expecting to see last well into the new year – and beyond.

Reception Entertainment

With many venues reducing or eliminating dance floors altogether, couples are getting more creative with their entertainment. Whether it’s hiring a band to provide a show instead of just some dance hits or introducing a more interactive performer like a magician, celebrity impersonator, or tarot reader, our clients are looking outside of the box for vendors who will keep their guests engaged – even without the Cha Cha Slide.

Long-Distance Celebrations

Hosting a Zoom call for faraway guests has become a major element of Covid weddings this year, but we foresee it continuing into future celebrations, too. So many couples have far-flung guest lists these days, and why should we forget about guests who can’t travel for the occasion when we could so easily Zoom them into the party too – and send a bottle of champagne and a party popper to them so they can enjoy the festivities with us?

Welcome Gifts

One of our top new trends in favors: welcome baskets! Instead of having koozies at the bar, programs at the sign-in table, and sparklers outside the back door for send-off, couples are looking more toward curated gift boxes that encapsulate the entire wedding experience – from hand sanitizer to custom masks to fun wedding-centric items – in a more personalized way. Why spread interactive elements out across the venue when you can package them together in a beautiful box for each guests that also includes favors and heartfelt Thank You cards?

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Photo credits: (1) Brides, (2) Wedfully, (3) Martha Stewart

It’s no surprise that weddings are looking different these days. All the rules, regulations, and safety precautions of the Covid era have changed the wedding industry in a lot of ways. There’s no denying that it’s been an incredibly tough year for couples and industry professionals alike, but not all of the changes have been bad; in fact, we foresee many of them becoming the norm! Here are some of the trends that we’re expecting to see last well into the new year – and beyond.

It goes without saying that weddings have become smaller and more intimate out of the necessity of social distancing and keeping our loved ones safe. With that shift, though, has come a new and, quite frankly lovely, change in focus – namely, from the Instagrammable to the truly special and meaningful. We’re seeing such a change in priority, and the result is that more and more couples are forgoing the elaborate and Pinterest-inspired for the details that make their days personal, comfortable, and guest-oriented. There’s been a definite turn toward nostalgic details (think custom paperie, comfort food on the menu, and playlists full of the classics) and elements meant to make guests feel at home – like comfy lounges, which are just as much a design element as they are a way to ensure the comfort of your guests.

While guest counts are dropping, budgets largely aren’t, so we’re seeing much more flexibility in spending than hat we often had before. After all, a budget of $50k looks very different for a 150-person wedding than it does for a 20-person wedding! With all the extra money left in our clients’ budgets, we’ve been seeing lots more custom pieces and major design statements, like high-dollar floral installations and gourmet dinners that may have been unattainable before.

Some of the old stand-bys are still holding for 2021 – jewel tones in winter, pastels in spring, soft dusty blues in summer, and earth tones in fall – but we’re also seeing a major rise in bright, cheery colors. Vibrant pinks, oranges, and yellows are striking, eye-catching, and celebratory, and couples who have been through 2020 are wanting to celebrate in the biggest ways.

One of the biggest shifts we’re seeing in the planning process is in the way couples are choosing their vendors. It’s no longer enough to see good reviews and a gorgeous Instagram feed; couples want to know that their vendors share their values. Whether it’s support of marriage equality, inclusive and accepting content on websites, or a Black Lives Matter sign in the office window, couples are more in-tune with vendor values than ever before.

(And, just so we’re as clear as can be, Julep Events loves, supports, and celebrates ALL couples.)

We’ve also seen a major shift toward nostalgia in our clients’ designs. More than ever, our brides are having their dresses heirloomed and their bouquets pressed, and grooms are picking out cuff links and ties with timeless designs that they can pass down to their sons for their wedding days. We love to remind our couples that a wedding is a celebration for the whole family, and it’s so special to be able to pass pieces of it down to future generations as heirlooms.

Overall, 2021 is showing us that traditions are being upended. Couples are wanting to create designs and experiences that are unique to them and that reflect their love stories instead of recreating what they love on Pinterest, and they’re focusing more than ever on celebrating their guests and loved ones, too. Everything has a more personal touch to it – and, quite frankly, we’re here for it.

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It’s no surprise that weddings are looking different these days. All the rules, regulations, and safety precautions of the Covid era have changed the wedding industry in a lot of ways. There’s no denying that it’s been an incredibly tough year for couples and industry professionals alike, but not all of the changes have been bad; in fact, we foresee many of them becoming the norm! Here are some of the trends that we’re expecting to see last well into the new year – and beyond.

Personal + Prepared

One of our favorite new trends overall is the rise in smaller portions, pre-prepared drinks, and grab-and-go offerings. Displays of individual menu options – whether it’s a display of single-serving soup shooters, a small dessert at each place setting in lieu of a big cake, or rows of pretty pre-mixed cocktails – aren’t just great for reducing crowding around high-traffic areas like the buffet and the bar; they can become a decor element, too! I mean, who wouldn’t want their own mini-charcuterie (which, by the way, doubles as a favor!).

Plated Dinners

Another way of reducing crowding is by opting for plated dinners rather than the ever-popular buffet. While it is a little more expensive overall, smaller guest counts mean more room in the budget for these “upgrades,” and keeping guests in their seats and presenting them with a beautifully designed meal feels both very luxe and very safe – a total win/win! Who doesn’t want their guests to feel special and taken care of? It also reduces the time that guests spend waiting around for their food so that they can focus on socializing, making memories, and enjoying the evening.

Interactive Dining Experiences

For couples who want a less traditional approach, interactive catering – like mobile bars and food trucks – are perfect for those outdoor weddings! Moving cocktail hour and/or dinner outside means that guests can mix and mingle comfortably, and then put their masks on to go back inside. Plus, mobile vendors become as much a part of the decor as your flowers – and they’re way more fun for your guests!

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It’s no surprise that weddings are looking different these days. All the rules, regulations, and safety precautions of the Covid era have changed the wedding industry in a lot of ways. There’s no denying that it’s been an incredibly tough year for couples and industry professionals alike, but not all of the changes have been bad; in fact, we foresee many of them becoming the norm! Here are some of the trends that we’re expecting to see last well into the new year – and beyond.

Weekday Weddings

It’s no secret that venues start booking up over a year in advance, so when 2020 weddings started to postpone, there were very few Saturdays and Sundays to choose from – especially during peak season. Because of this, many couples have chosen to opt for weekday weddings! According to The Knot, one third of weddings are already being held on weekdays, and it’s a trend that we fully support. Choosing a date that falls during the week can be cost-effective, and since vendors are typically all booked up on the weekends well in advance, you’re more likely to get the ones you want if you choose a non-peak day – especially when you’re planning for a shorter engagement.

Brunch Weddings

This can go hand-in-hand with hosting your wedding on a weekday, but we love a good brunch wedding! There’s so much room for creativity when it comes to a morning or afternoon reception; if you’re not locked into the typical “dinner and dancing” format, you can introduce all kinds of alternatives for entertainment. Plus, who doesn’t love a luxe coffee bar or a breakfast buffet, like we arranged for Hannah + Rodrigo’s beautiful at-home celebration?

Outdoor and Tented Weddings

Tented weddings have always been stunning, but these days they’re becoming a necessity, too. Whether you’re hosting your wedding at home, on the grounds of a venue, or in a non-traditional location like an open field, a wholly outdoor wedding allows for larger guest counts while still maintaining social distancing. When the weather is less than ideal – think summer in Texas – opting for a tent works as well for protecting guests from the elements as it does for providing a stunning design element.

Shift Weddings

One new trend that we’re seeing a rise in is the concept of a “shift wedding,” where guests rotate in and out of the celebration. For example, think childhood friends for the ceremony, coworkers for cocktail hour, and immediate family for dinner and dancing. It’s definitely an out-of-the-box idea, but with so many traditions being thrown out the window, why not embrace this idea? It’s a great way to keep from cutting your overall guest list, and you get to spend more quality time with each group of guests throughout the day. Another method for this is splitting up the celebration into several different small parties – and who wouldn’t want to stretch out their wedding for as long as possible?


Want to forego the typical traditions altogether and just get married? Elopements are on the rise, whether it’s just a quick visit to the courthouse or a full-blown trip across the world. After all, what could be more socially distanced than you, your partner, your officiant, and your photographer out in the wilderness?

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Wedding Planning Journal

“I’m really organized.”

“I planned a work event once so I know what I’m doing.”

“I have a lot of friends who have gotten married recently so they can help me.”

“My cousin is going to be my planner.”

These are all things that brides have said to me to justify not wanting to spend money on planning services. And guess what? I understand! You don’t know what you don’t know, and I certainly didn’t know how much went into planning weddings and events when I started in the industry back in 2015. Now that I do know, though, I can’t help but cringe a little when I hear things like this. Planning a successful, cohesive, memorable event is not just color-coded agendas or setting votives on cocktail tables for happy hour; it’s long hours poring over contracts, keeping up with hundreds of emails, and, quite frankly, a lot of very high-stress and not-glamorous work. Ultimately, if you don’t have a planner, all of that falls to you – or to your friends and family, who likely don’t have any more time or patience to handle these tasks than you do.

So when you start to think, Maybe I’ll just save that money and do this all myself, you really need to consider the time investment that you’ll be putting into this process – not just into getting quotes and scrolling Pinterest for ideas, but into researching the very large, very saturated event industry for the vendors that you need to even get the ball rolling.

Already feeling overwhelmed? Read on; below are ten major reasons why you should consider hiring a planner to help bring your event to life in a way that no one else can.

Wedding Invitations

1. Planning is stressful.

It’s not all cake tastings and picking out flowers; it’s setting deadlines, researching vendors, making phone calls, reviewing contracts, and creating down-to-the-minute timelines. When you already have a busy schedule with work, social obligations, and everything else you have going on, do you really want to devote what little downtime you have left to the planning process? Burnout is real, and the last thing you want is to end up dreading having to think about your wedding.

2. Bringing your vision to life is hard.

You may know what you want, but not how to get it – or even how to articulate it. I did an event for SXSW where the client wanted a 15’x15′ fully-functioning Etch-A-Sketch. While he was asking, “Does that even exist?”, I was asking, “What color do you want it to be?” Planners have resources and contacts. We know where to go and who to talk to to get what you want. Nothing is impossible.

3. A planner can complement your skills.

Are you creative but have a hard time focusing on contracts and timelines? Are you more detail-oriented and struggle with figuring out which colors go together? The right planner for you will handle the parts of the process that you have trouble with. Whether you want someone to take your plans and put them into action or to help you figure out your design and decor, you can find a planner that helps round out your team and make the whole process easier.

4. It’s hard to narrow down vendors.

Every cake looks delicious. Every DJ plays good music. Every photographer has a beautiful, perfectly curated website. What you don’t see is the reputation, specialty, and personality of each vendor. Planners work with literally hundreds of other industry professionals and can figure out who will be the best fit for your team.

5. Planners know the right questions to ask.

In the same vein, planners can figure out your needs and make sure that the vendors you choose will deliver. It can be so easy to make assumptions about services; for example, a friend of mine who got married recently (without a planner) hired a caterer whose contract said they would drop off the food and leave, and then was confused as to why the caterer wasn’t staying to serve or clean up. Contracts are confusing, but planners know exactly what to look for.

6. Planners are intermediaries.

It can be really awkward if you’re planning an event and your sweet best friend or family member is trying to take over. If they want red flowers and you want yellow, you might feel swayed to choose their idea for the sake of not hurting feelings. When you have a planner, you’re the client, and the planner will step in and handle those awkward conversations to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

7. A planner wants to help.

Your bridesmaid won’t want to skip mimosas on the morning of the wedding to arrange 120 place settings. Your best friend won’t want to get to your fundraiser frazzled and already tired from driving all over town to pick up linens and flowers. Your mom won’t want to miss the first half of your birthday party because she’s on the phone with a vendor who’s running late. Your planner, on the other hand, is ready and willing to do what you don’t have time for. It’s in the job description.

8. Sticking to a budget is hard.

If your dream vendor is out of your price range, you may feel discouraged – or worse, you may be tempted to go overboard on spending. When you have a planner, he or she can figure out great ways to make your dream come true without breaking the bank. With a little bit of creativity and industry know-how, any event can look like it has a champagne budget, even if it doesn’t.

9. Things go wrong at the last minute.

A table setting may get lost in the mix. People may decline their RSVP but show up anyway. Transportation may get lost on the way to your venue. A bridesmaid’s gel bra may explode all over her dress five minutes before the ceremony (speaking from experience here!). I’ve dealt with all of these issues, and that’s kept the client from having to deal with them. Even if things are easy fixes – a call to a vendor, an extra chair placed here or there, a phone call to give step-by-step directions, a draped sash made out of a table runner – these fixes would fall to the client and make their day hectic and stressful when it should be fun and easy.

10. You should be able to enjoy the event.

If you’re the one in charge of sticking to the timeline, coordinating vendor arrivals and departures, running the setup and breakdown, managing the flow of the event, lighting candles, keeping an eye on the food and drinks, adjusting the lighting, rounding people up for photos, and ensuring that everyone else is happy, your event will pass in the blink of an eye – and you won’t even know what happened. Your event, no matter how big or how small, is your day and your time to shine, so give yourself a chance to enjoy it. Be present. Let someone else handle the stress.

Ginny Greene Boland, Owner Julep Events

You found the love of your life, you got the ring of your dreams, and now the shock and surprise is starting to wear off and you’re wondering what to do next. As happy and excited you are, it can be really overwhelming to think, okay. This is it. I’m planning my wedding now.

After I realized that my husband, Westin, was The One, I started thinking about what my wedding day might look like. I had so many ideas and design elements that I loved, but when he actually popped the question, even I – a wedding planner! – was left in a state of dreamy limbo, wondering how to move forward and narrow it all down. I’ve worked with clients from “will you?” to “I do” a million times, but it all seemed so new and different and overwhelming when it was actually my wedding to plan!

So what did I do? I poured a glass of champagne (or two, or three…) and made a list, and then I started working down it, step by step. For any newly engaged couples out there, congratulations, and here’s my advice for how to start the craziest, most fun, most overwhelming, happiest process of your lives.

Step One: Share the news with your loved ones – and not on social media!

When you get engaged, tell your closest family and friends personally, whether it’s in person or on FaceTime. Chances are they’ve seen this moment coming and they’re going to be overjoyed by hearing about it from you – not by seeing it on social media. You don’t want your sweet Aunt Imogen finding out about your engagement the same way your 4th grade summer camp roomie does!

Step Two: Get your ring sized.

If the engagement was a surprise or if you hadn’t gone to try on rings with your SO, you’ll need to take your ring in to get it properly sized. You don’t want it flying off your hand every time you show it off – which is about to be all the time! And while you’re at the jeweler…

Step Three: Get your ring appraised and insured.

It’s not fun or glamorous, but you know what’s even worse? Losing it and not getting the money back to replace it! It’s easy to add your ring to whatever policy you already have for home, auto, renter’s, etc, but be sure and check with your insurance broker to find the best policy for you and to see what paperwork is required.

Step Four: Set a date – even if it’s not official.

Everyone is going to ask when the big day is, as if you’ve already planned the whole wedding prior to your engagement, so be ready with an answer – even a vague one! Westin and I took a solid month to officially pick a date based on availability of our venue, but in the meantime our answer was, “spring of 2019.” That was a good enough answer to tide people over until we put our deposit down on the venue and set it in stone. And remember: your date isn’t official until your venue is booked!

Step Five: Be a responsible adult.

It’s definitely not fun, but you need to at least start talking about a workable budget and your priorities with your wedding – BEFORE you fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole! Figure out how much you can spend, who else is contributing, what your approximate guest count will be, and what aspects of the wedding you want to devote the most money to. Do you care a lot about flowers but not as much about your attire? Are you and your fiance big foodies but not big drinkers? Figure these things out so that you know what your price range is for each vendor and you don’t start out at the top of your budget for everything. That’s a sure way of disappointing yourself in the end!

Step Six: Hire a planner!

Not that I’m biased or anything, but having a planner from the get-go will start you off – and keep you – on the right track. Most couples realize late into the planning process that they’re going to need help, but when you have someone there from the beginning, you’ll have guidance on EVERYTHING. Someone firmly rooted in and knowledgeable about the wedding industry will be able to help you create a realistic and workable budget, advise you on things to look for in a venue (it’s not just about how pretty it is!), and help you narrow down vendors that fit your style and budget. While you’re enjoying the excitement and the fun of the planning process, your planner will be behind the scenes, working hard to make your day absolutely perfect.

Step Seven: Take a break!

You’re just about to start the wedding planning marathon, so even though you’re excited beyond words, take a few days to relax. Go out on a date. Pop a bottle of champagne. Celebrate with your friends, post your ring selfies, and relax on the couch with some wedding magazines. Enjoy this calm before the (fun!) storm – there’ll be more than enough going on to keep you busy very, very soon!

Engaged Couple